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Flyer Distribution Guidelines

Community Flyer Distribution Guidelines

Canton City School District understands the importance of communicating events, registration, and information related to youth programming and activities provided by our community partners. CCSD will make flyers available to our families and students, electronically, under the guidelines listed below. Our guidelines are intended to support all of our community partners without promoting individual groups, programs, or events. Once approved, flyers will be posted on our Community Flyers page, sorted by date. Flyers will be approved by the Public Information/Communication Director and/or an individual from the Communications Department. We will do our best to ensure that flyers are added to building or district electronic communications weekly. Flyers must be submitted by the end of the day each Wednesday to meet deadlines. Please use the flyer link below to submit a flyer for review.

Guidelines for Approving Flyers:

  • Flyers must be suitable for our age groups or meet appropriate community standards of decency.
  • Flyers must be submitted 10 days before the event.
  • Flyers must list the name, contact person, and disclaimer that CCSD does not endorse the activities, viewpoints, or events promoted in the material posted or distributed at the school.
  • Upon approval, flyers will be uploaded to our community flyers web page and will be accessible in all of our building newsletters. 

*Flyers for educational programs and activities that are inappropriate for the children in district schools-Political materials and materials promoting “for profit” ventures will not be distributed/promoted nor will events and activities that compete with events or offerings by the Canton City School District.

PLEASE NOTE: This message and any response to it may constitute a public record, and therefore may be available upon request in accordance with Ohio public records law. (ORC 149.43)


Electronic Flyer Distribution Request Form