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Home Access Center

Home Access for Parents

Parents/Guardians have the ability to access report cards through the eSchoolPlus Home Access Center (HAC). In order to log into the H.A.C., you will need your Login ID and password. If you have any problems logging in, or need assistance in accessing your child’s information, then please contact the main office at your school for help. 

Note: This information is for Parents/Guardians. Students now use a different link for HAC access. See the Quick Links section for both links.

How to access the Home Access Center: 

Log in with your parent login ID and password: Home Access Center (HAC) Website
If you do not have your parent login ID and password or need to reset your password follow the instructions in this document. The Spanish version of the instructions can be found in this document.

To Access Report Card from the HAC Home Screen:

At the HAC homescreen click on the Grades icon (at the top) HAC grades icon  

Then click on the Report Card Tab. HAC report card tab