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Performance of "Hair" wraps up year-long study of musical

The Performance Arts Department wrapped up its year-long musical theatre study this week with a special performance of "Hair."

Last school year, teacher Kristy McNally applied for a grant through the Ohio Arts Council, and the department was awarded a Teach Arts Ohio Grant. The grant, titled, "A Year in the Life- Musical Theatre," was a year-long study of the disciplines that make up the world of Musical Theatre- Acting, Dancing, and Singing.

During the course of the school year, artist in residency Andrea Belser worked with students in the McKinley Performing Arts Program to foster interest and growth in technique, history of musical theatre, and professional and collegiate acumen.

She worked with the choir, dance, and theatre instructors at the high school level (grades 9-12) to deliver highly collaborative content. The artist produced content in the classroom and rehearsal and performance spaces unique to each discipline; dance studio, theatre lab, and choral spaces. 

McNally said their study of the musical Hair involved script analysis, group dialogue, and dramaturgy about the history of the show and the times in America which inspired the musical.  Students used their experiences as young adults in 2022 to connect to a generation who, not so long ago, sought to be heard, and fought for a cause. Watch the show on-demand HERE.