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Repository Kids of Character for September

Each Month the Canton Repository recognizes Kids of Character, one boy and one girl from grades 4-8, from all the Stark County School Districts. This month the CCSD nominatedCash Reihl, a 6th grader from the Bulldog Virtual Academy, and JaMiya Martin, an 8th grader from the STEAMM Academy.

Principal Cebula said of Cash, "He attends all his meets and contributes to the class- while helping all the students- setting up fun activities in the classroom, acting as an "MC" for morning meeting- and always is positive. He raises rabbits, cares for a community garden, and is trying to help us start a 4H group!!"

Principal Thompson said of JaMiya, "She is a student that believes in serving others. She has asked to be scheduled into a period of culinary arts where she knows that the teacher needs assistance with students who have never had the class."

Other nominees were:


Dayanara Quintero Castro, 7th

Dayanara is incredibly kind to others and will brighten anyone's day. She also is highly engaged in her learning, attending all meets and working hard!



Damere McClellan, 8th

Damere McClellan is a leader in and out of the classroom. He has shown his ability to lead by assisting new students who do not know the building and is a leader on the football field by his modeling.

ECA @ Lehman

Da'Jore Dickerson, 7

Da'Jore is a polite and respectful young man. He works hard in class and exemplifies what it means to have Bulldog Pride.

Zander Barton, 7

Zander is a great student who goes above and beyond to be kind to her fellow students. During lunch, she and her friends have gone out of their way to invite students to sit with them at lunch making them feel welcome. She exemplifies Bulldog Pride.

AIM Academy

Raymond Poling, 6th

Raymond is an amazing child who works hard at everything even when it doesn't come easy. He is kind to all and willing to be a friend to anyone in need. The world needs Raymond Poling.

Harmonee Card, 6th

Harmonee is a quiet, humble hero walking our hallways and sharing a quiet smile and kind words to anyone who may need them. She has a hidden talent of praise dancing which is beautiful to watch. Her quiet strength of character shines through her dancing and her friendships at AIM Academy.

Arts Academy

Carlo Virolo, 6th

He is kind, respectful, and always does the right thing, He is a role model for the other students and he also looks out for his younger sister.

Aurora Chiparatu, 5th

Aurora gives a warm welcome to every adult in the morning. She is cheerful and respectful to all. She also is kind-hearted and notices when someone is in need.


Alec Sintal, 5th

Alec demonstrates kindness to anybody he comes in contact with throughout the day. He is a leader in the classroom and completes work with pride.

Jocelyn Kollmorgan, 6th

Jocelyn is a dependable and reliable student! She assists with Bulldog TV preparation every day and does not disappoint.


Aven Williams

Aven is a hard worker and sets an example in the classroom. He is always polite and willing to help both his teachers and classmates whenever needed.

Kailee Evans, 5th

Kailee shows respect to all adults and students in the building. She is a trustworthy student who all adults in the building can rely on.


Ja Mier Dunbar, 5th

Ja Mier is always friendly, kind, helpful, and outgoing. Ja Mier focuses on his academics, as well as athletics, choosing to do the right thing even when it's tough.

Kylee Mills, 6th

Kylee is a kind and compassionate young lady who goes above and beyond to help others.

Kylee is an excellent peer role model, who acts with integrity and respect.