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This week the Board of Education approved a new 3-year contract with the Canton Professional Educators Association.

The contract begins July 1.

Among the highlights:

Next school year, union members will receive a 2.75% base salary increase and a stipend that is equal to 0.5% of their base salary. They will receive 3% raises in the second and third years of the contract. 

The contract keeps the amount that employees pay for their health insurance the same for the next school year. The portion of their health insurance premium will rise by 1% in the second and third years of the contract, so they will pay 17% of their premium by the end of the contract. Employees will continue paying 3% of their premium for dental coverage. 

The school day will be shortened from 8 hours to 7.5 hours while maintaining an uninterrupted, duty-free lunch of 30 minutes for secondary teachers and 45 minutes for elementary teachers.

Adds an extra workday for union members who will now work 185 days, with the extra day to be used for planning and preparation over the summer. Students still will attend school 180 days.

Increases the amount of uninterrupted time that teachers have to plan their lessons and collaborate with other teachers.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Superintendent Jeff Talbert said he believes this contract rewards the staff for all their hard work, not just this year with the pandemic, but for their service and commitment to students, families, and the community all the time.

“This contract puts us in a prime position to achieve our goals,” he said.