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CCSD partners with Bluecoats to offer free music education

The Canton City School District is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Bluecoats organization.

Through a grant from Bluecoats, the new Canton Learning Access program will offer our high school students free music and dance education courses and events offered through the Bluecoats School of the Arts. This opportunity also includes students who are in the local En-Rich-Ment program.

Students will have access to on-demand coursework that they can take at their own pace, “LIVE!” events that they can attend with hundreds of other students around the world, and “The Commons,” a virtual common space where they can meet other School of the Arts students and administrators.

Canton City Schools Superintendent Jeff Talbert said this partnership is a valuable and unique opportunity.

“We value excellence in the Canton City School District and by partnering with the world-renowned Bluecoats, our music and arts teachers can enhance the education experiences of our students with access to the best and brightest in music and dance performance,” he said.

Bluecoats Chief Executive Officer Mike Scott worked diligently with district music teachers and administrators to make this partnership happen.

“The Bluecoats organization is committed to serving our local community, and the Canton ​Learning Access​ program does that,” he said. “It will be exciting to see McKinley High School students participate in our Bluecoats School of the Arts group programming completely for free. At Bluecoats, we’re committed to bringing our world-class educational programming here at home to Canton as well. Learning Access and this new partnership with CCSD helps make that a reality in a big way.”

Deputy Superintendent Mallory D. Floyd, sees the program as a blessing in this time of COVID-19 and virtual learning.

“In a time when so many programs are being delayed or cancelled for our student musicians and dancers, this fantastic partnership will increase their opportunities for skill development,” she said, adding,  “I am so excited that our students will have exposure to the world class Bluecoats.”

The School of the Arts is an online school, built by Bluecoats, that brings together some of the most incredible educators and artists from around the world to teach, talk, and share. This is their way of delivering performing arts education to more students than ever before and engaging with students who previously could not attend its in-person learning and performance events.

In the next few weeks, students will receive access codes from their instructors. Their codes will allow them to browse available courses and ​LIVE!​ events at ​​.