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We stand together ...

As leaders and representatives of the Canton City School District, we offer our most sincere condolences to the African American community and join them in solidarity as we express our sadness and outrage over the senseless and reprehensible death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, as well as the others before him, and we recognize systemic racial inequality occurring across this country for far too long. As educators, our first impulse is to understand and then find the lesson in the circumstances we face as a nation. There is no understanding at this time; we are grappling with the why and how, in 2020, racism and violence can still be inflicted on our African American brothers and sisters.

 As the largest school district in Stark County and a member of the Ohio Urban 8 Coalition, we are a district that is committed to equity and inclusion. We will continue to combat ignorance and hatred with education and by addressing it through policy. We will continue to recruit and hire diverse staff and we will strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment where people feel valued and accepted. 

We have watched with both pride and admiration as we see our students and families of all races walking together at peaceful demonstrations in our city with a solid declaration that they want to see change and they want it now. We acknowledge and appreciate our teachers and staff members who have joined them. We say to them, we care about you and we walk with you as you share your desire to see an end to fear and intolerance in our community. We are proud of your efforts as you stand as leaders promoting equality for justice. And finally, we take responsibility to work with our students, families, and community members to ensure that injustices are never again ignored. 

From the CCSD Mission and Vision:

“We celebrate diversity. Diversity is our strength. We welcome and celebrate the differences of all people, ideas, and experiences.”