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CCSD UPDATE: March 17, 2020

covid-19 update

Thanks for your patience as we work to keep you updated on our plan under each day’s “new normal” with the State’s tightening restrictions under the COVID-19 crisis. I also want to thank everyone for the way you have all rallied to support each other as well as our students and their families. 

As of Day 2 of the District’s extended closure, please be aware of the following:

REMOTE LEARNING: Anticipating a school closure, our staff was already well on their way in their preparations to provide quality remote learning for our students. This plan includes assessing and addressing the individual technology needs for our students. Details will soon be shared widely.

MEALS: Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available at all of our schools for any school-aged child between the hours of 9:00AM and 11:00AM. You can attend any school to pick up food. You don not need to pick it up at your child’s school. If there are unique circumstances that prevent your child from picking up their meals, please contact - Erin Cole, Director of Child Nutrition, at 330.438.2576. 

NON-ESSENTIAL STAFF:  As a result of the Governor’s Executive Order, we have directed all non-essential staff to continue to serve our students and their families off-site.

ESSENTIAL STAFF:  As a reminder, essential staff will be notified by their direct supervisor when they will report to work on-site. All workspaces are and will continue to be sanitized and we will follow the Ohio Department of Health’s recommendations in regard to gatherings and social distancing.

BUILDING HOURS: Buildings will be open 8:00AM through NOON, Monday through Thursday to allow staff, parents and students the opportunity to retrieve any personal belongings which may be needed during the extended closure. All non-cleaning staff will be required to leave our buildings after 12:00PM as we continue the ongoing process of sanitizing our buildings with the exception of the Administration Center which will be open from 9:00AM through 3:00PM.

BOARD MEETINGS: As of now, we will hold our regularly scheduled Board Study Session Wednesday night via livestream to ensure our community remains safe, but informed. We will be focusing our meeting on updating the Board on our plans to continue operating and educating under the current restrictions. Please note that administrators who normally attend Board Study Sessions have been directed to work remotely, and will be available by phone to address questions that arise during the meeting.

LEVY UPDATE: Although the levy is critical for our future, as of today, the levy is not our main focus. We will pivot to this issue only after we have assured our students, families and staff are cared for during the closure.

HOTLINE: As we begin to plan for the possibility of long term school closures, we need to better understand how families currently access the internet and use technology at home.  Many remote learning options require online access through the internet and devices such as an ipad, tablet or computer. If your child needs a device or internet access to use during this school closure, please call our telephone hotline at (330) 438-2500.  We will be happy to work toward getting our students the access they need to ensure your child is able to continue to participate in a more comprehensive educational experience.

We will share more as the situation evolves. Thank you!