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Approved guests will directed as follows (all four will be set up and ready to go at 4PM)
Canton – Northeast Box Office – 6:15PM game
Shaker Heights – Northwest Box Office  - 6:15PM game
Mentor – Northeast Box Office – 8PM game
Medina – Northwest Box Office – 8PM game
There will be a table set up for each school inside the Box Office lobbies. 
These tables will be manned by the AD from each school and school personnel.
They will check people off on the list and then send them to the Box Office windows to buy their tickets.
They will buy their tickets and also be given a wristband to put on (all schools will have a different color)
They will enter into the arena at the inside Box Office doors.  We will scan, bag check and wand at each door. 
The tickets will be GA and the ushers will direct people which section to sit in based on the color of their wristband.

Wolstein Center

We will open one concession stand as we do for a Women’s Game.
Per OHSAA, all working media will be granted access. 

Coronavirus update: Sports/tournament information from OHSAA:
We will begin implementing “essential personnel’ and limited spectators as of Wednesday, March 11th, 2020.

Wednesday morning, Athletic Directors will receive a spreadsheet, created by the OHSAA. They will be tasked with filling out their team’s portion relative to immediate family attending. The Athletic Director will send the final spreadsheet to Tournament directors with the names of spectators allowed for each team. The breakdown is as follows:

Coaches +2/person
Players +4/person
Cheerleaders +4/person

While the above groups (Coaches, Players, etc.) are to enter for free per usual, the added number (names will be supplied on the spreadsheet) will still be required to purchase a ticket when they arrive to the venue. These will be the only tickets sold to the event. These should be cash sales.

Any online tickets purchased through HomeTown Ticketing will be refunded. All pre-sale paper tickets should be refunded via their point of purchase.

All tickets purchased at the Field House Ticket Office will be refunded there. Parents who purchased tickets are required to get their tickets refunded, then repurchase at the venue.