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Rayvin Lindsey’s students at the Arts Academy @ Summit are participating in a unique community art project titled, "The ABC's of Cats."
ArtsinStark Board Member Sherry Groom from the Troll Museum in Alliance commissioned our young artists to improve the facade of a new building that will soon be a pet boutique and cafe called, “Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats.”
The students are painting portraits of unique breeds of cats on repurposed doors. 
“This is not just busy work,” said Lindsey. “Our students are contributing as we send our work into the community.”
Lindsey said her students chose “Cats of the World,” as their theme, with examples including the Norwegian Cat, the Japanese Bobcat, and the Chinese Lucky Cat. The project incorporates math and technology skills, along with history, culture, and language arts. 
The finished doors should be ready to display in November. We can’t wait to see the finished work!


Student tracing tree