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Snow Days!  Kids love them! But determining whether to cancel school is a serious responsibility. How does the district decide whether to cancel school due to inclement weather? There are no standard criteria for school districts to close schools for inclement weather in Ohio. The primary factor considered is that we live in Ohio where snow, ice and cold are a normal, expected part of winter.  Thus, it is more likely than not that schools will remain open. There are occasions, however, that require school districts to decide if cancellation is the best option.

The Canton City School District, like most school districts in Stark County, use similar factors to help make this decision. First, the district attempts to determine if the weather is hazardous.”  This includes looking at forecasts to determine the predicted temperature, wind chill and predicted snow accumulation. For example, the National Weather Service states that wind chill starts to become hazardous to people when it reaches around -15 degrees. With regard to snow accumulation, we review whether the roads are hazardous to prevent buses from safely transporting students. We also consider whether the walking and waiting times at the bus stops are hazardous. Finally, we weigh the educational and physical needs of our students.

How can you help? BE ALERT. BE PATIENT. BE SAFE.

BE ALERT: To find out if school is canceled, please check the district’s webpage, twitter and FaceBook. The information will also be available on the Canton Repository’s webpage or you can tune to WHBC and Cleveland news stations.  In addition, a phone call confirming the cancellation as well as information about the status of extra-curricular activities will come from the district to the phone number the district has on file for your child.

BE PATIENT: Sometimes, transportation delays due to traffic or mechanical issues happen during inclement weather. Our first goal is to ensure students get to school safely. Do not hesitate to call your school if an unusual situation arises as a result of the weather.

BE SAFE: Please make sure children are dressed appropriately for the weather.  Hats, gloves, coats and layered clothing will help ensure their physical safety while waiting for the bus or walking to school.  Again, do not hesitate to call your school if an unusual situation arises as a result of the weather.


Lisa Reicosky

Executive Communications Coordinator