Degrees and Certifications:

Department of Education Services

Our department strives to support teachers, staff, and administrators to improve students’ academic achievement across all content areas. Our office provides assistance for teachers to get the most out of their instruction by finding the best, most data-driven resources for instruction and assessment and to support teachers in delivering standards-aligned curriculum.

Our goal is to provide a rigorous curriculum equitably across the district. We are working to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to have the same level of learning, and all teachers have the tools they need to help our students achieve their learning goals.



  • Director of Teaching & Learning Innovation - Gary Kandel - 330-580-3564

    Curriculum Specialist, Grades K-5 - Danielle Kemp - 330-438-2579

    Curriculum Specialist, Grades 6-12 - Lynn Rudd - 330-438-2581

    High School Instruction Coach - Erin Ponn

    Middle Schools Instructional Coach - Karen Zutali

    Secretary - Tamara Clark - 330-580-3564



    PK – G5 - Elena Monahan - 330-438-2522

    Grades 6-12 - Peggy Savage - 330-438-2760

    Secretary - Lisa Groves - 330-580-3029