Who we are:

    Connections is a Canton City Schools alternative program with a projected enrollment of 30 students served in three classrooms. Our alternative program will provide a structured, behaviorally enhanced approach to students who demonstrate a pattern of maladaptive behaviors that may include poor attendance, aggression toward others, withdrawal, poor peer/adult relationships, expulsion held in abeyance and court involvement

    The primary goals of the program are to teach students the behaviors necessary to return to their home school program and to function within acceptable behavioral norms of our community. Finally we provide a structured educational opportunity for students to enable them to achieve passing grades and continue grade advancement all while staying on the path to graduation.

    Student Referral to Connections:

    Home school administrators will hold a meeting with the student and parent to discuss their recommendation to the program.

    Home school staff will complete a referral packet that should include the following:

    • History of interventions
    • Current grades and attendance
    • Specific event or events resulting in their referral to Connections o Timeframe for student return and criteria (ex. Exit criteria met, personal goals met, abeyance end date)

    Referral packet should be forwarded to Marcia Trbovich, Family Liaison 330-456-1189 ext.311 trbovich_m1@ccsdistrict.org

    Return to Home School process: 

    The program is meant to be a short term placement. Student may attend anywhere from 1 to 4 grading periods.

    Return Criteria may include any or all of the following:       

    • Connections Exit Criteria
    • Personal goals
    • Abeyance/Expulsion end date
    • Expectations for return from home school staff.

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