• Welcome to the Graduation Academy

    Canton City School District’s Graduation Academy is a shared program housed at the Compton Learning Center.
    Graduation Academy is a shared program with Mckinley High School. Graduation Academy is a credit-recovery
    based program for select students within the Canton City School District.

    Student Requirements:
    ❖ Must have accumulated at least (14) total credits.
    ❖ Must have obtained strong test scores on the Ohio AIR Assessments.
    ❖ Independent learner and self-motivated

    Benefits of Attending Graduation Academy:
    ❖ Students earn a McKinley High School diploma
    ❖ Earn credits at an accelerated pace.
    ❖ Early-graduation available for most students.
    ❖ Small-classroom sizes available to all students.
    ❖ Online curriculum available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.
    ❖ Curriculum aligned to the Ohio New Learning Standards that prepare students for
    the Ohio State Tests -AIR tests.

    For more information contact: Lisa Huffman - huffman_l@ccsdistrict.org