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    Digital Academy

    Canton City Schools - Digital Academy is a blended online school which is part of the Canton City School District. Digital Academy is an alternative high school that differs from the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. Digital Academy gives students a unique opportunity to experience an online curriculum.

    Digital Academy

    Here are some of the benefits to attending Digital Academy:

    • Morning or Afternoon Schedules for all grades (10th-12th).
    • Credit-based program associated with McKinley High School and CCSD.
    • Small-classroom sizes and individualized instruction available to all students.
    • Online curriculum available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. 
    • Students attend 5 half-days per school week.
    • Promotes self-discipline, responsibility and independent learning.
    • Offers College-Credit-Plus courses affiliated with Kent State & Stark State University. 
    • Provides Title I Services to all students in the areas of Reading. 
    • Curriculum aligned to the Ohio New Learning Standards that prepare students for the Ohio State Tests -AIR tests. 

    In order to be successful at Digital Academy:

    • Students need to have adequate reading skills and need to be self-motivated. 
    • Students need to have the mentality of an independent lifelong learner. 
    • Students need to be equipped with an electronic device capable of completing coursework.
    • Students are required to provide their own means of transportation - Sarta bus passes are available to students who attend the Digital Academy.
    • Students also need to be able to access the internet.


    Digital Academy is dedicated to raising student achievement.  

    Come learn with us - our door is always open.