• Preschool Student Registration Options for the 2022-23 School Year


    Our preschool youngest students have a variety of options for continuing their learning experiences within the Canton City School District.

    New to Preschool:

    Our high quality preschool program is open to any 4-year-old child, residing in Canton City, who does not turn 5 years of age prior to September 30th.  We offer full-day programming that is developmentally appropriate and engaging in helping students become school ready.  If interested, please call our Early Learning Center at Schreiber for a Registration Packet, or stop by the Center located at 1503 Woodland Ave. NW, Canton, Ohio 44702 to pick one up.  Our program usually fills up quickly and students are placed on a first come basis.  Please know a Registration Packet must be completed in its entirety before a preschool slot is confirmed for your child.  If you have any questions, call 330-580-3033.

    Additional Year of Preschool:

    Students can attend one more year of preschool providing they have not turned age 5 before September 30th. In order to attend preschool again next year, parents/guardians MUST re-register their students AGAIN for next school year. Students who currently attend our preschool are not automatically registered for the following year. If you choose to have your student attend preschool again next year, please make sure they meet the age requirement and then register your student at the Early Learning Center @ Schreiber. If you have any questions, call 330-580-3033.

    First Year of Kindergarten:

    To be in Kindergarten, your child must turn 5 years of age prior to September 30th.  If you have a child in preschool, you MUST REGISTER him/her for Kindergarten. Your child does not automatically get registered, and must be registered online.

    • Kindergarten Option 1 ~ Neighborhood School: Families can attend Kindergarten at their home school.  Click HERE to determine what your home school is based on your address.
    • Kindergarten Option 2 ~ Choice Schools:
      • Families can attend AIM Academy @ Belden, our Balanced Calendar/Year Round School.
      • Families can attend the Arts Academy @ Summit, our K-6 Arts School.
      • Families can attend Portage Collaborative Montessori School, our K-8 Montessori Collaborative.

    For more information on how to register as your student online, please visit our Registration Page.

K-3 Elementary Schools


    Cedar Elementary

    Gibbs Elementary

    Harter Elementary

    Stone Elementary

K-6 Elementary Schools


    Patrick Elementary

    Worley Elementary

K-6 Choice Schools


    AIM Academy @ Belden

    Arts Academy @ Summit

K-8 Choice School (Virtual)


    Bulldog Virtual Academy (K-8)