•  Information needed for the Saturday, February 27, 2021 COVID Vaccination Clinic at the Health Department:

      In order to be prepared, please review the following information:

    • Please bring a school ID or any proof of employment at the school. 
    • If you have not previously been provided these additional forms, they are for your information. Please read them prior to obtaining the vaccine.



    HEALTH HISTORY FORM - - COVID  Revised 2-8-21 ******If possible, please print this on one page, front and back *******EVERY person receiving a vaccination MUST come to the appointment with a completed Adult Health History form with the appropriate signature




    Everyone must adhere to the following vaccination appointment guidelines:

    • Before coming to the appointment, take your temperature. Anyone with a fever or any COVID-19 symptoms should not come to the clinic and/or receive the vaccination. We will work with you to set up another vaccination time.
    • Everyone is required to wear a face-covering (if able) the entire time they are in the building.
    • Please do not come into the building until your designated appointment time. 
    • Everyone is required to be observed for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccination. 


    The site for the Friday, March 12 vaccination is Lehman Middle School located at 1400 Broad Ave NW, Canton, OH 44708, which is on the corner of 13th St and Broad Ave, just west of I-77. Ingress (entrance) will be on 13th St and egress (exit) will be on Broad Ave. When exiting it is recommended to take a right onto Broad to go to Fulton Rd. Both Broad and 13th St are well traveled roads and ensuring one way traffic will help prevent accidents.


    What to expect after a COVID Vaccination: 19 Vaccine


    If you have any questions, please email Jason Dixon: dixon_j@ccsdistrict.org.