Arts Academy @ Summit

Inspiring confident, creative, and open-minded learners

Arts Academy @ Summit

  • The Arts Academy focuses on developing our students’ creative talents and artistic skills, serving students identified with high ability and/or deaf/hard of hearing. We are guided by our vision Freedom to Flourish, providing students with a unique and supportive school culture.

    Jeanie Bowling, Principal

    330-452-6537  |  330-580-3190 Fax

    Click to view the Arts Academy Choice Presentation: AA CHOICE 


Welcome to Middle School 2020-2021 School Year

  • We welcome you and your student(s) as members of the Canton City Middle School Community and look forward to a wonderful year with you. We know this is an important transition time for your child as they move from a 3-5 Leadership School to one of our middle schools. Our goal is for all students and parents to experience a smooth transition. We have restructered our middle school configuration so that all of our students are able to receive the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue their dreams.


    Neighborhood Middle Schools

    ECA@Crenshaw” is now “​Crenshaw Middle School”​ and C2@R is now “​Lehman Middle School​”. These “sister” schools will offer the same classes and programs, ensuring an equitable education for all students. ​All 5th grade students will be assigned to a home middle school based on their Leadership School neighborhood of residence​. District boundaries for our middle schools are as follows:

    CRENSHAW: Gibbs, Mason, Youtz

    LEHMAN: Belden, Cedar, Clarendon

    Note: ​Current 6th and 7th graders have the option to remain in their current middle school. If you do not attend your neighborhood middle school and would like to attend for the 2020-2021 school year, please contact your ​current building principal.

    Middle School Choice Opportunities

    Families still have the option of enrolling their students at the ​Arts Academy @ Summit ​or the STEAMM Academy@Hartford.​

    ARTS ACADEMY @ Summit provides a performance-based learning experience through vocal, instrumental, dance, theatre and visual arts. To enroll, indicate your interest on the Middle School Transition Application AND Click on the links in the Arts Promotional Brochure. A performance audition is required.

    STEAMM Academy @ Hartford has been designated a STEAM school by the State of Ohio. In addition to core subjects, students receive explicit, rigorous instruction in science, technology, engineering, arts, math and medicine. To enroll, indicate your interest on the Middle School Transition Application.


    Fifth Grade Families

    1. Click on the link for our “​Middle School Transition Application​”

    2. Select the Leadership School ​neighborhood​ that your family currently resides in.

    3. Make your decision regarding your choice for the home middle school, STEAMM, or Arts (audition necessary for enrollment).

    4. Enter additional information requested and click submit!

    Sixth & Seventh Grade Families

    • If you want your child to attend the same school they did last year: there are no further actions needed! You're all set.
    • If you want your child to change to the middle school that is in your neighborhood: please contact your child's CURRENT building principal to let him or her know. Contact information is below.

    Note: Unless it is requested by families to change to the neighborhood school, 6th & 7th grade students will automatically be enrolled in the same school as they attended last year.

    ARTS ACADEMY @ Summit Jeanie Bowling, Principal (330) 452-6537

    CRENSHAW MIDDLE SCHOOL  |  Robert Crone, Principal (330) 454-4617

    LEHMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL  |  Jolinda Seiple, Principal (330) 456-1963

    STEAMM ACADEMY @ Hartford  |  David Thompson, Principal (234) 203-6570

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