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Community Partners

The Canton City School District takes great pride in the relationships we have formed with our community partners. CCSD has developed a process by which the community can request approval to partner with us on academic opportunities, mentoring, after school opportunities, health and wellness, athletic and sports programs, etc. Applications must be aligned with the following CCS District goal:

- 100% of students in CCSD will demonstrate a minimum of one year's growth in all subject areas, as well as perform at the accelerated or advanced level on all state assessments; and, when appropriate, will meet nationally normed benchmarks that indicate college and career readiness - All CCSD staff, in partnership with students, families and communities, will cultivate a safe and supportive school climate and culture that nurtures the development of the whole child as measured by district collected, nonacademic indicators.


If your organizaton is interested in a partnership, requests must be made in writing. If you are new to the district and would like to submit a request, please click the Long Form Application link below:

Complete a Long Form Application if you are a NEW Partner to the Canton City School District. 

If you are an exisiting partner and would like to update your information, please click the Short Form Application link below.

Complete a Short Form Application if you are an EXISTING Partner with the Canton City School District. 


Once your application has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted to present your opportunity to the oversite committee.



All meetings are held at the Administrative Center located at 305 McKinley Ave., NW in Canton. Meetings begin at 9am. 

For additional information regarding the application process, please click the links below

CCSD Community Partner Application Process

Order of Presentation Rubric

Presentation Rubric

Site Evaluation Form

Site Evaluation Form Elementary

Site Evaluation Form Middle & High School

Volunteer Forms


Please note: All partners requesting the opportunity to work with our students must submit a valid background check. Background check forms are located under the Volunteer Froms Link.