• Careers have no gender. The term non-traditional refers to jobs traditionally filled by one gender. Several familiar examples are a male nurse or a female auto technician. However, few jobs have requirements that limit employment to only men or women. People often have preconceived ideas of what is women’s work and what is men’s work, so when deciding on a career path it’s a good idea to consider all of your options. Choosing a non-traditional career can offer many benefits:

    Job Satisfaction. Research shows that individuals who choose careers based on their interests and abilities, rather than on gender stereotypes, experience greater job satisfaction.

    Higher Salaries and Better Benefits. Non-traditional careers often offer salaries that are 20 to 30 percent higher than salaries for traditional careers, in particular for women. And non-traditional careers often offer better health and retirement benefits.

    Better Advancement Opportunities. Non-traditional careers are often unionized and/or have established career paths so employees can work their way up to even higher salaries and better benefits.

    Variety. There are a wide variety of careers available. Career searches should not be limited! Considering a non-traditional career provides a greater variety of opportunities.

    Opportunities to Learn. Work and skills needed for non-traditional employment may be unfamiliar. Non-traditional careers offer the opportunity to learn new information and skills, sometimes while you work.

    Canton City School District Adult Career & Technical Education offers the following programs that can jump start your non-traditional career:

    • Automotive Service Technician
    • Medical Assistant 
    • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
    • Practical Nurse Program
    • State Tested Nurse Assistant
    • Welding