Emergency Medical Technician



Degrees and Certifications:

Emergency Medical Technician

This 168-hour course will prepare you for the important role in healthcare of responding directly to the scene of medical and trauma emergencies.

What You Will Learn:

Patient assessments and care for medical and trauma patients.
Recognition and treatment of airway and breathing problems.
Emergency medical services (EMS) operations.

Course Overview:

Call the main office for course dates and times.
Cost: $970. Approved for GI Bill benefits.
Successful completion qualifies you for the National Registry Exam to become a certified EMT in Ohio. Note: exam fee is not included in cost of the course)
Current EMT (EMT-B) of EMR (First Responders) that are interested in a refresher should call Mike Caudill at 330-438-2556, ext. 106 for more information.


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