Issue 19

  • Issue 19 is a 7.9 mill operating issue that costs $11.52 per month per $50,000 of property value. It’s been nine years since the schools have seen new local funding. 

     Our need is real: our District cut $7.6 million dollars last year from the budget.  These cuts affected staffing, quality programming, and transportation.  Now, our District faces another $5.1 million in cuts next school year.

     Even with the passage of Issue 19, our District will still reduce spending next school year.

    Our district’s spending is already in line with similar Ohio districts, and we continue looking for efficiencies and ways to save money.

    Issue 19 will fund our Comprehensive Strategic Plan, developed after months of community and staff engagement, study, and analyses of best practices.  Our comprehensive plan will continue growing our District by addressing the academic and non-academic barriers that have hindered efforts to make educational progress. We will accomplish this by:

    • Creating partnerships that assure our students have access to healthcare, dental, vision, trauma care, mental healthcare and assistance to help families with instable or inappropriate housing
    • Ensuring disciplinary issues and classroom disruptions are minimized so all children can learn - This includes strengthening alternative school options.
    • Improving the internal culture and climate by providing necessary staff supports.
    • Increasing access to the arts as part of a robust curriculum
    • Ensuring our children are at school ready to learn by providing wraparound services–safe routes to school, supportive classroom services, and access to services and homework assistance
    • Expanding partnerships with community groups to provide value and opportunities.

    Without the passage of Issue 19, our District is committed to reducing an additional $5.1 million, effective next school year, in addition to the $7.6 million already made last year. 

    Without the passage of Issue 19, our District faces major cuts that could no longer avoid the classroom.  Further educational cuts would significantly impact classroom learning, teacher and administrator staffing levels.  

    The cuts would have to happen this fall - so this is the last chance to avoid these cuts.   

    Our choice is clear: With Issue 19 we can keep educational programming and tools to keep our district moving forward, or without Issue 19 we face $5.1 million in additional cuts that will deeply affect our classrooms and our district.

    On March 17th or early by mail, know what is at stake with Issue 19.